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Circumstantial Adverbs Ingilis Dili 

Circumstantial Adverbs

Many adverbs convey information about the manner, time, or place of an event or action. MANNER adverbs tell us how an action is or should be performed:

She sang loudly in the bath
The sky quickly grew dark
They whispered softly
I had to run fast to catch the bus

TIME adverbs denote not only specific times but also frequency:

I’ll be checking out tomorrow
Give it back, now!
John rarely rings any more
I watch television sometimes

And finally, PLACE adverbs indicate where:

Put the box there, on the table
I’ve left my gloves somewhere

These three adverb types — manner, time, and place — are collectively known as CIRCUMSTANTIAL ADVERBS. They express one of the circumstances relating to an event or action – how it happened (manner), when it happened (time), or where it happened (place).

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