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[:az]Essential Idioms in English Lesson 6[:]

to hang out: to spend time, usually being idle or unproductive

to hang up: to place clothes on a hook ot hanger (S); to replace the receiver on the phone at the end of a  conversation (S)

to count on: to trust someone in time of need (also: to depend on)

to make friends: to become friendly with others

out of order: not in working  condition

to get to: to be able to do something special; to arrive at a place, such as home ,work, etc.

For  the second definition, do not use  the preposition to with  the words home or there.

to look over: to examine, to inspect closely (also: to go over, to read over, to check over)

Go over is different from the other forms because it is not separable.

to have ( time) off: to have free time, not to have to work (also: to take time off (S))

The related form (S) to take time off is used  when  someone makes a decision to have free time,  usually to go on vacation   or  to relax.

to go on: to happen ; to resume, to continue (also: to keep on)

to put out: to extinguish

all of a sudden: suddenly, without warning

ahead of time: before a scheduled time or event

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