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Circumstantial Adverbs

Many adverbs convey information about the manner, time, or place of an event or action. MANNER adverbs tell us how an action is or should be performed:

She sang loudly in the bath
The sky quickly grew dark
They whispered softly
I had to run fast to catch the bus

TIME adverbs denote not only specific times but also frequency:

I’ll be checking out tomorrow
Give it back, now!
John rarely rings any more
I watch television sometimes

And finally, PLACE adverbs indicate where:

Put the box there, on the table
I’ve left my gloves somewhere

These three adverb types — manner, time, and place — are collectively known as CIRCUMSTANTIAL ADVERBS. They express one of the circumstances relating to an event or action – how it happened (manner), when it happened (time), or where it happened (place).

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