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My ‘wife is an economist. She ‘works at the Ministry of Foreign. ‘Trade too. She ‘goes to the ‘office every day. My ‘wife doesn’t learn English. She al ‘ready knows English ‘very well. She reads very ‘many ‘English books, maga zines and newspapers. At the office she ‘sometimes ‘writes ‘letters to foreign firms. She ‘often trans’lates ‘telegrams from English into Russian and from ‘Russian into English.

My ‘wife’s ‘also a student. She ‘learns German and is doing ‘very well. She ‘usually ‘gets good marks and is ‘always in ‘time for the lessons. She ‘likes  ‘languages very much and is ‘going to learn French ‘next year.

My ‘wife and I ‘usually ‘go home to gether. We ‘do our ‘homework in the evening: we ‘learn the new words, ‘read texts and ‘do exercises. We ‘also revise grammar rules. We ‘sometimes ‘speak ‘English at home. We ‘speak about our work and our lessons.

Пояснения к тексту.

She likes languages very much. Она очень любит иностранные языки. Русскому слову очень, когда оно относиться к прилагательному или наречию, соответствует английское very.

Если слово очень относиться к глаголу, ему соответствует английское very much, которое может стоять как после глагола, к которому оно относится, так и перед ним.

Активный словарь.

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