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 My Last Week – end

A ‘week a go my ‘friend ‘Boris Klimov  ‘came to ‘Moscow from Leningrad. On Saturday he ‘came to ‘see me and my family. We de’cided to spend the week-end to gether and ‘Klimov stayed with us till Monday.

We ‘woke up late on Sunday. We ‘got ‘up at nine o’clock, washed and dressed. Then we ‘had breakfast.

  • “‘ What d’you ‘usually do on Sunday?” Boris asked us at table.
  • “We ‘often ‘go to the country,” my wife answered. “Sometimes we go to the theatre or the cinema.”
  • “Do you ‘often ‘go to ‘Central Park? “he asked again.
  • ”We’ went there last month. It’s a ‘very nice park. We ‘like it very much. D’you ‘want to go there, Boris?”
  • “Oh, yes, I’d love to. The ‘weather’s very nice today.”

We’ went to the ‘park with our children. We’skated and ski’d and the children ‘played with their little friends.

We ‘came ‘home at two o’clock. ‘Boris and ‘Iplayed chess ‘after dinner and we’went to the ‘cinema in the evening. The ‘film was interesting and ‘not ‘very long. It be’gan at seven o’clock and it was over by eight. We ‘didn’t want to go ‘home so early and ‘went to see my parents. They were ‘very ‘glad to see us and we ‘had supper together.

We ‘got home late, but we ‘didn’t ‘go to ‘bed at once. ‘Boris ‘wrote two ‘letters to our friends in Leningrad and read them to us. We ‘went to ‘bed at twelve o’clock.

Три основные формы следующих глаголов и выучим их.

  • to be, was
  • were, been
  • to have, had, had
  • to meet, met, met
  • to tell, told, told
  • to send, sent, sent
  • to come, came, come
  • to read, read, read
  • to go, went, gone
  • to do, did, done
  • to find, found, found
  • to give, gave, given
  • to take, took, taken
  • to write, wrote, written
  • to speak, spoke, spoken
  • to know, knew, known
  • to get, got, got
  • to sit, sat, sat
  • to put, put, put.

Активный словарь:

  • to see (saw, seen)- видеть
  • a family – семья
  • to spend (spent, spent) – проводить
  • to wake up (woke up, woken up) – просыпаться
  • late – поздно
  • to get up (got up, got up) – вставать, подниматься (с постели, со стула)
  • to wash – умываться
  • to dress – одеваться
  • breakfast – завтрак
  • dinner – обед
  • supper – ужин
  • to ask – спрашивать
  • a country –  страна
  • a theatre – театр
  • a cinema – кино, кинотеатр
  • a park – парк
  • again – снова
  • to want – хотеть
  • to skate – кататься на коньках
  • skates – коньки
  • to ski (ski’d) – ходить на лыжах
  • skis – лыжи
  • chess – шахматы
  • to begin (began, begun) – начинать
  • over – наречие, имеющее  значение завершенности
  • early – рано
  • so – так
  • parents – родители
  • glad – довольный
  • Glad to see you – рад вас видеть
  • a bed – кровать, постель
  • at once – немедленно, сразу, тотчас же
  • Please do it at once – Сделайте это тотчас же, пожалуйста.

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