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Essential Idioms in English. Lesson 2

to dress up: to wear formal clothes, to dress very nicely

at last: finally, after a long time

as usual: as is the general case, as is typical

to find out: get information about, to determine

This idiom is separable only when a pronoun is used, as in the second example.

to look at: give one’s attention to: to watch

to look for: to try to find, to search for

all right: acceptable, fine: yes, okay

This idiom can also be spelled alright in informal usage.

all long: all the time from the beginning (without change)

little by little: gradually, slowly (also: step by step)

to tire out: to make very weary due to difficult conditions or hard effort (also: to wear out)

ro spend time: to do an activity over a period of time

never mind: don’t be concerned about it: ignore what was just said

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