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Английский язык, текст, активный словарь

Теперь мы читаем и учим слова.

We Learn Foreign Languages.

My names Petrov. I ‘live in the centre of Moscow. I work at the Ministry of Foreign Trade. I’m an engineer and I’m also a student. Many engineers in our Ministry learn foreign languages.

I lern English. We have our English in the morning.

We’re at a lesson now. ‘Jane is standing at the blackboard. She’s writing an English sentence. We aren’t writing. We’re ‘looking at the blackboard.

W’don’t often write in class. Sometimes we ‘have dictations. During the lesson we read our text-book and do a lot of exercises. We ‘don’t often speak Russian in class. We ‘speak English to our teacher. We ‘usually speak Russian after classes.

Активный словарь.

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