Английский язык, am/is/are/, am/is/are (questions)

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I am (I’m)

  • he -is (he’s)
  • she – is (she‘s) 
  • it – is (it’s)
  • we – are (we’re)
  • you – are (you’re
  • they – are (they’re)


I am not (I’m not)

  • he – is not  (he‘s not  or he isn’t )
  • she – is not (she‘s not  or she isn’t) 
  • it – is not ( it’s not or it isn’t)
  • we – are not (we’re not or we aren’t)
  • you are not ( you‘re not or you aren’t) 
  • they are not ( they‘re not or they aren’t) 

for example:

  • I’m cold. Can you close the window, please?
  • I‘m 32 years old. My sister is 29.
  • My brother is very tall. He’s a policeman
  • John is afraid of dogs
  • It‘s ten o’clock. You‘re late again
  • Ann and I are good friends
  • Your keys are on the table


  • I’m tired but I’m not hungry
  • Tom isn’t interested in politics. He‘s interested in music
  • Jane isn’t at home at the moment. She‘s at work
  • Those people aren’t English. They‘re Australian
  • It’s sunny today but it isn’t warm

that‘s = that is       there’s =there is       here’s = here is

  • Thank you. That‘s very kind of you.
  • Look! There‘s  Chris.
  • ‘Here‘s your key’. ‘Thank you’.

Am/is/are (questions)


I am

  • he – is 
  • she-is 
  • it -is 
  • we – are 
  • you – are 
  • they – are 


am  I?

  • is – he?
  • is- she?
  • is- it?
  • are -we?
  • are -you?
  • are -they ?


  • ‘Am I late?’ ‘No, you’re on time’.
  • ‘Is your mother at home? ‘No, she’s out’.
  • ‘Are your parents at home’? ‘No, they’re out
  • Is it cold in your room?’ ‘Yes, a little’.
  • Your shoes are nice. Are they new?

We say:

  • Is she at home? /Is your mother at home? (not ‘Is at home your mother?)
  • Are they new? / Are your shoes new? (not’ Are new your shoes?)

Where….? / What…?/ Who…?/ How…?/ Why…?

  • Where is your mother? Is she at home?
  • What colour is your car?’ ‘It’s red’
  • How are your parents? Are they well?
  • ‘How much are these postcards? ‘Fifty pence”.
  • Where are you from? ‘Canada’
  • ‘How old is Joe? ‘ ‘He’s 24’
  • Why are you angry?

what’s =what is    who‘s = who is    how’s= how is    where’s = where is 

  • What’s the time?
  • Where’s Jill?
  • Who’s that man?
  • How’s your father?

Short answers:

Yes, I am.

  • Yes, he /she/it } is 
  • Yes, we/you/they }are 

No, I’m not 

  • No, { he‘s/ she’s/ it’s} not. or No, {he/she/it} isn’t
  • No, { we’re/ you’re/ they’re} not. or No, { we/you/they} aren’t 


  • ‘Are you tired?’ ‘Yes, I am ‘. 
  • Are you hungry?’ ‘No, I’m not but I’m thirsty’
  • Is your friend English’? ‘ Yes, he is’.
  • Are these your keys?’ ‘Yes, they are’.
  • ‘That’s my seat. ‘No, it isn’t’.

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