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Английский язык, текст и активный словарь

Изучая английский язык конечно нужно практиковать. Несколько уроков мы будем практиковать и конечно же учить слова, пополнять свой словарный запас английского языка. Итак прочитаем текст:

The Working Day Of An Engineer. 

‘Comrade Pe’trov  works at an office. He ‘lives near the office. He ‘usually walks there. He ‘only works ‘five days a week. He ‘works on Monday,  ‘Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He ‘doesn’t work at the ‘week – end. His working ‘day ‘lasts eight  hours. He re’ceives very many ‘letters and telegrams in the morning and ‘always answers them. He ‘sometimes trans ‘lates ‘articles from  foreign ‘newspapers and journals. He ‘often re’ceives engineers from  factories in the after  noon. They dis’cuss a lot of questions with him. He usually finishes work at six o’clock in the evening.

‘Comrade Pe’trov ‘learns English. He ‘works hard at his English. He ‘sometimes ‘ stays in the ‘office  after work for  his English lessons. After classes he re’turns home.

Активный словарь:

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