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Essential idioms in English. Lesson 9

to wake up:  to arise from sleep, to awaken (S) Compare wake up and get up as used in the first example.

to be in charge of: to manage, to have resposibility for

as soon as: just after, when

to have a good time: to enjoy oneself

in no time: very quickly, rapidly

to cut down on: to reduce, to leesen (also: to cut back on)

to crack down on: to enforce or punish strictly

quite a few many

used to: formerly did, had the habit of

This idiom is used to indicate a post situation, action, or habit that does not exist in the present. The idioms is always followed by  verb form.

to be used to: be accustomed to

This idiom refers to a situation, action, or habit that continues in the present. The odiom is always followed by a noun or gerund phrase.

He is used to this climate  now, so the changes in temperature do not affect him much.

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