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Lesson 11

to keep out: not  to  enter, not allow to enter

to keep away (from): to stay at a distance (from); to avoid use of (also: stay  away from)

to find fault with: to criticize, to complain about something

to be up to: to be  dependent on the decision of another: to be doing as a regular activity; to feel able to do something The second definition is most often used in question as a form of greeting.

ill at ease: uncomfortable or worried in a situation

to do over: to revise, to do again

A noun or pronoun must separate the two parts of this idiom.

to look into: to investigate, to examine carefully (also: to check into )

to take hold of:to grasp, to grip with the hands

to get through: to finish, to complete

This idiom is followed either by the- ing form of a verb ( a gerund) or by the preposition with.

from now on: from this time into the future

to keep track of: to keep  or maintain a record of; to remember the location or status of

to get carried away:  to act in an extreme manner A related idioms is to go overboard.

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