Finite and Nonfinite Verbs

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Verbs which have the past or the present form are called FINITE verbs generique viagra en france. Verbs in any other form (infinitive, -ing, or -ed) are called NONFINITE verbs. This means that verbs with tense are finite, and verbs without tense are nonfinite. The distinction between finite and nonfinite verbs is a very important one in grammar, since it affects how verbs behave in sentences. Here are some examples of each type:



Finite or Nonfinite?

David plays the piano Present Finite
My sister spoke French on holiday Past Finite
It took courage to continue after the accident NONE — the verb has the infinitive form Nonfinite
Leaving home can be very traumatic NONE — the verb has the -ing form Nonfinite
Leave immediately when you are asked to do so NONE — the verb has the -ed form Nonfinite

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