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10 лайков Şərh yazmaq


My ‘friend’s ‘name is Lavrov. |He ‘lives in Moscow.| His ‘family is ↑not ‘very large.|His ‘wife’s name is Mary |and his ‘childre’s names are ‘Ann and Nick.|

‘Comrade Lav’rov’s wife is a young woman. She’s ‘twenty’ nine ‘years old.| She’s a lecturer.| She ‘teaches ‘English at the ‘Institute of ↑Foreign Languages.| She’s got ↑very many students. |She ‘hasn’t ‘got ↑bad students. |Her ‘students ‘do well as a rule. |My ‘friend’s daughter is a ‘girl of ten. |She goes to school. |Shedoes a ↑ lot of subjects at school.|She ‘also ‘learns English.| She ‘works hard |and ‘knows the ‘language well.|She ‘doesn’t make↑ many mis takes in English.| She’s a pioneer.| She ‘likes reading. |She ‘also helps her ‘mother at home.
‘Comrade Lav’rov’s son is a ‘little boy. |I ‘think he was ‘born ↑five or’six ↑years a go. |His ‘father ‘takes him to a nursery school ‘every morning|.

My ‘friend’s ‘got a sister.|She’s going to be a doctor, |and she’s leaving her ‘Institute ↑this  year. |She’s a youngCommunist. |She’s married.| Her ‘husband’s an engineer.|

My ‘friend ‘hasn’t ‘got any brothers.|

My ‘friend’s ‘wife ↑usually ‘takes the children to the country in summer to stay with their ‘grandfather and grandmother.|They ‘love their ‘grandchildren ↑ very much.|She’s  ‘going to ‘take them to the ↑ country a gain this summer.

Active words and word combinations

  • young – молодой
  • a woman ( women)- женщина
  • old- старый
  • a lecture – лекция
  • to teach – учить, обучать
  • as a rule-  как правило
  • a daghter – дочь
  • a school – школа
  • to go to school –  учится, ходить в школу
  • a subject – предмет
  • to do (take) subjects- изучать предметы
  • to make – делать, создавать
  • to help- помогать 
  • a mother- мать
  • to think – думать
  • born – рожденный
  • a father-  отец
  • a nursery school – детский сад
  • to leave – оставлять
  • a husband – муж 
  • any – любой
  • summer – лето
  • winter – зима
  • spring – весна
  • autumn – осень
  • grandfather – дедушка
  • grandmother – бабушка
  • a grandson – внук
  • a granddaughter– внука
  • a grandchildren – внуки

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