Wh- Adverbs and Sentence Adverbs

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A special subclass of adverbs includes a set of words beginning with wh- prix maca viagra naturel. The most common are when, where, and why, though the set also includes whence, whereby, wherein, and whereupon. To this set we add the word how, and we refer to the whole set as WH- ADVERBS. Some members of the set can introduce an interrogative sentence:

When are you going to New York?
Where did you leave the car?
Why did he resign?
How did you become interested in theatre?

They can also introduce various types of clause:

This is the town where Shakespeare was born
I’ve no idea how it works

Sentence Adverbs

We conclude by looking at a set of adverbs which qualify a whole sentence, and not just a part of it. Consider the following:

Honestly, it doesn’t matter

Here the sentence adverb honestly modifies the whole sentence, and it expresses the speaker’s opinion about what is being said (When I say it doesn’t matter, I am speaking honestly). Here are some more examples:

Clearly, he has no excuse for such behaviour
Frankly, I don’t care about your problems
Unfortunately, no refunds can be given

Some sentence adverbs link a sentence with a preceding one:

England played well in the first half. However, in the second half their weaknesses were revealed.

Other sentence adverbs of this type are accordingly, consequently, hence, moreover, similarly, and therefore.

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