Essential Idioms in English Lesson 10

to make sure: to be sure, to ascertain (also: to make certain) Please make certain sure that you turn off the radio before you go out Could you  make certain…

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Essential idioms in English. Lesson 9

to wake up:  to arise from sleep, to awaken (S) Compare wake up and get up as used in the first example. Maggie wore up this morning very early, but…

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[:az]Essential Idioms in English. Lesson 8[:]

to be about  to: to be at the moment of doing something, to be ready This idiom is often used with the adverb just. I was about to leave when…

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Lesson 7 Essential Idioms

to point out: to show, to indicate, to bring to one’s attention what important buildings did the tour guide point out to you? The teacher pointed out the mistakes in…

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[:az]Essential Idioms in English Lesson 6[:]

to hang out: to spend time, usually being idle or unproductive Luka likes to hang out and play video games with his friends. I spent all weekend hanging out at…

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Essential Idioms Lesson 5

to look out: to be careful or cautious (also: to watch out) Look out! Jeffrey cried as his friend almost stepped in front of a car. Look out for reckless…

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Idioms in English Lesson 4

to take part in: to be involved in,  to participate in ( also: to be in on) Martin was sick and could not take part in the meeting yesterday. I…

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Idioms in English lesson 3

to pick out: to choose, to select (s) Ann picked  out a good book to give to her brother as a graduation gift. Johnny, if you want me to buy…

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Essential Idioms in English. Lesson 2

to dress up: to wear formal clothes, to dress very nicely We should definitely dress up to go to the theater You don’t have to dress up for Mike’s party….

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Дни недели и месяца на Английском языке

Дорогие Друзья! Сейчас вместе с Вами я хочу разобрать дни недели и месяца, конечно на Английском языке. Итак начнем: Weekday  Monday – Понедельник Tuesday– Вторник Wednesday – Среда Thursday –…

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